Welcome to LoCo Wine Squad!

Greetings friends and welcome to the first post of the LoCo Wine Squad blog!  Allow me to introduce myself, they call me the LoCo Wine Pimp, well something like six people do but who’s counting, right?  Maybe it’ll catch on!  This is a blog (and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever other social media the kids are using these days and the squad can figure out) about wine.  It’s mostly going to be about Loudoun County wine and wineries because that’s where me and just about everyone else in the squad lives.  We love it here and do everything we can to support local businesses.  Connecting people and businesses that would support one another is just something I enjoy doing, that’s where the wine pimp name came from.  Over the past several years we’ve discovered that one of our favorite things to do is gather together at a local winery and enjoy great wines, delicious snacks, and time together.  Think about it, what’s better than sitting around a table on a beautiful afternoon talking and simply enjoying life and each other’s company?  It’s a chance to slow down and enjoy what really matters.  We also enjoy the comedy nights, paint n’ sips, vertical tastings, and on and on, there’s just so much to do!  We certainly have our favorite wineries, and we’ll start with them, because well, it’s our blog and we can start where we want to.  So yeah, it’s about wine, but it’s also about family and friends and spending time together.  We’ll also post about wineries outside of Loudoun County occasionally, and you might even get to hear about some of our other adventures if you’re lucky!

Now that you know what the blog is about, let’s talk about what it’s not about!  First, we’re not wine experts or snobs.  If you were to poll the squad about what our favorite kind of wine is the answer you’d most likely get is wet!  Or dry, for those who prefer their wine that way….haha get it?!?!  I crack me up!  Our tastes vary wildly so there will be lots of different opinions offered and we won’t always agree.  I prefer reds, but can be persuaded to drink a white if it’s offered (I mean, it is wine it can’t be THAT bad), but others in the squad prefer whites and that’s ok too, everyone can’t have as sophisticated a palate as I do.  Another thing we won’t ever do is trash anyone or their wines, there’s something to love about every single place we visit and that’s the part we’ll share!  We’ll tell you what we liked and talk about the standout features of each place we visit.  We are not wine critics, we are locals and consumers, and good time seekers.  There are enough critics out there already, the last thing the world needs is more negativity!

So….if you’re looking for a lighthearted meandering journey through Loudoun County and it’s many (as of last count 46) wineries, this is the place for you.  If you are looking for places to go and things to do with your friends and family, you’re in the right spot because we plan to share events and such as often as we can.   If you enjoy stories about crazy people and their adventures, this is the place for you, because the squad is made up of some, shall we say, interesting characters.  You’ll get to meet them along the way…..stay tuned!

Drink up!

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