Terra Nebulo Vineyards

We stumbled upon Terra Nebulo (like literally stumbled, it was the last stop in what was Sketchy Terra Nebulo Sign (1) cripadmittedly a pretty long day….) quite by accident.  We were driving home from somewhere, can’t quite remember where or honestly even who was in the car, when we came upon a handwritten sign stuck in the grass that piqued our interest.  The sign simply said ‘Terra Nebulo Open’ with an arrow pointing down a road.  Naturally we thought ‘wow that’s interesting, didn’t know there was a winery back here.’  And yes, in the interest of full disclosure we also thought, ‘that handwritten sign is just a tad sketchy, we gotta check this out!’  Kind of like how you’re strangely drawn to cave with a ‘Free Hugs’ sign over it.  So we turned right instead of left towards home and we found Terra Nebulo Vineyards.  Boy are we glad we turned!  Set in the countryside behind Waterford is a beautiful red barn like structure that sits majestically up on a slight rise.  The inside is just as beautiful as the outside, made up of wood beams and windows that soar from floor to ceiling.  In talking to the owners, who are simply delightful by the way, we learned 18280128_1514924321860616_1619943934_nthat the building was built by Amish craftsmen who came down from Pennsylvania.  They also said it took forever to get it built, because they were actual Amish craftsmen who got occupied with the occasional barn raising and other community obligations
along the way, but I have to say I think it was worth the wait.  It’s truly a beauty to behold.

But wait, THEY ALSO HAVE WINE!  And it’s really good wine too!  It was quiet when we got there so the owners took their time with us and walked us through our tasting.  They had literally just opened and their signs hadn’t come in yet (aha, that explains the sketchy sign!).  We learned about the building and all of their wines.  For a brand new winery they opened with an impressive selection of both whites and reds.  Honestly not a bad wine among them, but as we are drawn to reds, and Chambourcin in particular, so that’s where we landed that day and drank a bottle while we admired the scenic countryside.

Fast forward and they’ve just recently celebrated their first anniversary!  Today, TerraYum Terra Nebulo Nebulo, has an even bigger selection of whites, reds, and even a port and some sparkling wines.  Chambourcin remains my favorite (get used to that I’ve apparently got a thing for this particular grape), but the Red Blend is also an excellent choice.  Some of the crew absolutely love the Port Style Chambourcin, and the Sparkling Cab Franc Rose is also a big hit.  They now also have a wine club, well they have two actually.  The regular wine club is your standard club, you agree to purchase 3 bottles of the winemakers’ choice per quarter and get a 15% discount on wine purchases.  But they also have a nifty little thing called the ‘Coop Club’ where if you sign up and buy a case up front you get a neat chicken coop all your own with your name on it and everything.  They’ll put random surprises in the coops from time to time and put your wine pickups in there too.  It’s a quirky thing and yes of course we got ourselves a coop!  Last time I checked there were only 8 coops left, so better get on it if you want one.

When you visit, tell them them the LoCo Wine Squad sent you!

Drink up!


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