Wine O’Clock Friday – May 12, 2017

Starting today we’re adding a weekly review about a specific local wine. Every Friday, a member of the squad who goes by “BB” (meet us at a winery some day to find out why) will write a non-professional, sometimes sarcastic, and always honest review of some local wine she happens to pick up that week. Her inaugural entry is below. Check in every Friday for something new!

As much as members of the squad love wine, we apparently are also expected to work during the week! <eye roll> Well, I count myself as one of the lucky ones that works at a place that loves wine almost as much as I do. In fact, the day after I accepted the position, my coworker texted me: “Oh, by the way, you do like wine, right?” um… YES! I knew at 2017-05-12_19-06-53_353that moment I had picked the perfect job for me. Later, I found out why she had asked.

On most Fridays, after all of our work is done and we’re wrapping up the week, the boss tends to call a staff meeting around 3PM and unlike most offices, this Friday afternoon staff meeting is celebrated, looked forward to, and even cherished! This Friday afternoon meeting is affectionately called “Wine O’Clock” – where we decompress for the last bit of the day, make sure there’s a nice little bow on the week, and ensure that each one of us has the support and resources we need to be successful.

As such, I will share my Wine O’Clock finds with you, our wonderful readers.

In the effort of full disclosure: I usually pick the wine o’clock option for the office each week and I always try to pick a local wine – first because I love our local wines and second because I definitely try to #ShopLocal (pronounced: ‘haSHtag SHäp ˈlōk(ə)l *tee hee*). Today, however, of course on the inaugural Wine O’clock blog day, the boss got the wine ahead of time from the local vinter and it was an Italian something. Delish with a twist off cap but FAR from local.

So I’m taking one for the team and popping a bottle at home. Today we are trying the Petit Verdot from Terra Nebulo.



This Lil’ Green Rapscallion is a friendly fella that makes for a great end-of-the-week wine. The bold flavor of the grape is still surprisingly gentle on the pallet. It’s a “moist” wine, I like to say. One, because it makes another member of the squad feel uncomfortable when we use that word and Two because it’s not very dry but it’s not terribly sweet either. So… moist!

You can’t get this by the glass at the winery, I’ve been told. I was lucky enough to be able to sweet talk them into giving one last month at the Comedy Night we attended there but I think it’s because they knew that the moment I had a glass I’d need a bottle. And a bottle I needed, indeed! This is the last one I have left at my house… I need to re-up!

<clears throat> Anyway!

The wine is very pointed on the nose, meaning you think it’s going to have a bigger bite than it actually does. You have this amazing aroma hitting your nose as you take a sip, expecting that dry, sharp flavor to hit your tongue like a shiraz, but you’re pleasantly surprised when it’s a subtle, smooth, almost silky feeling with a gentle pepper on the back of the tongue.

<phew> That was a lot of words to express “daaaaaaammmnnnnn girl, that’s good!”. It’s one of those wines that you want to gulp down because it’s that tasty but has a sophisticated feel on the tongue that makes you choose to sip it instead. I suppose it would pair well with red meats or red sauce pasta dishes. I, personally, am likely to pair it with some pizza or maybe the finest crunchwrap supreme from Taco Bell however it is definitely deserving of something much more sophisticated – like the dinner with an old highschool friend you’re trying to one-up or the mom of that punky kid your son has decided to be friends with. Impressive but not too snotty, guaranteed to make an impression (but not on your wallet).

I give this wine an arbitrary grad of an A for awesomeness.


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