Winery 32

DSC_0037Next in my series of ‘Favorite Places’ posts (kinda like Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things’ without the free stuff) is an awesome place called Winery 32 in the beautiful metropolis of Lucketts, Virginia!  We’ve been hanging out at Winery 32 regularly since they opened in July of 2014.  We’d moved to Lucketts in February 2014, so visiting them was obviously the neighborly thing to do.  We really liked the wine and the people, and the fact that Winery 32 also serves real food was the icing on the cake, we were hooked.

I’m a little odd in that I always wonder about strange things, like how did they come up with the name for this place?  I can’t even come up with a name for a dog much less a DSC_0032name for a business.  People often say they like our dog Mosby’s unique name, how did we come up with it, to which I reply…saw it on a road sign, he’s named after John Mosby highway.  So one of the first questions we asked was where the name came from.  The property is 32 acres, founded during the owners’ 32nd wedding anniversary, and features 32 circular planters on the driveway to the tasting room in which they planted 32 peach trees.  Definitely more creative than a road sign.  And as a bonus here’s a little more inside info on the name; turns out that Roxanne’s phone number growing up ended in 3202, and they learned after picking the name that their daughter Chantal’s favorite number is 32.  Definitely meant to be.

The owners, Roxanne and Michael Moosher, began their winemaking journey in 2008 in the basement of their Maryland home using a wine kit they purchased.  According to Roxanne their first try was a completely undrinkable disaster.  But they got back up and tried again.  They purchased some grapes and tried making wine the traditional way andDSC_0041 it worked!  Over several years they honed their skills until finally producing a Carmenere that won double-gold in the Indy International wine competition under the Mill Creek Cellars label.  The time had come to make a go at a commercial winery and they started scouring the Loudoun countryside for the ideal location.  When they stumbled upon the 32 acres for sale off Limestone School Road in Lucketts they knew they had found the spot.

The property is simply put, stunning.  Roxanne and Michael clearly paid attention to every detail when it came to designing the building and it’s placement on the property.  DSC_0035You enter the property by way of a long drive, passing the 32 Gloria peach trees.  The tasting room is large, yet intimate.  There is a private room, and a balcony area with ample seating that overlooks the tasting room.  The outside spaces are equally stunning with a multi-level deck that wraps the building from which you can enjoy the sweeping views of the pond and the countryside.  And everything faces west, so you can catch some spectacular sunsets.  People also frequently note the unique and beautiful artwork on the walls and bottles.  Well, there’s a story and a lot of thought in that too, each piece is designed and painted by their daughter Chantal, to match the ‘mood’ of that particular wine.  That’s what you call attention to detail.  Roxanne and 2017-05-29_18-16-56_599Michael’s daughter Heather is pictured driving a golf cart on the label designed for the Petit Verdot.  I asked Heather who the two kids in the back of the golf cart are and she said she has no idea.  Hmmm, that’s a bit suspicious if you ask me, I’m a little concerned about those kids.  Chantal’s art for Winery 32 can be purchased when you visit or you can visit her website,, for other work and custom commission information.

Today, Winery 32 is going strong.  Since opening they have been featured in both the Washington Post and Conde Nast Traveller, and now they’ve truly arrived and are featured in LoCo Wine Squad!  They have 10 acres under vine and the majority of the DSC_0033wine produced is made using estate grown grapes.  They grow Petit Verdot, Petit Manseng, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Viognier, and Chambourcin.  And of course the peaches that are used to make their famous peach wines.  They produce between 1,500 and 2,000 cases a year.

The tasting menu includes eight wines,  Three whites: Gloria’s Sunshine Light Peach, 2014 Being Koi White Wine, and 2014 Viognier; four reds: 2013 Syrah, 2012 Cabernet Franc, 2014 Petit Verdot, and 2013 Thoroughbred Blend; and Gloria Peach Dessert Wine.  They also have six library wines available for purchase by the bottle: 2015 Petite Manseng Estate, 2012 Merlot, 2012 Chambourcin, 2013 Syrah Reserve, 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2014 Petit Verdot Reserve.

All the wines they serve are great but my go to is usually the Chambourcin, the Petit Verdot or the Thoroughbred Blend.  If in the mood for a light slightly sweet white on a2017-05-15_21-24-46_398 hot summer day you can’t go wrong with the Gloria’s Sunshine Light Peach.  They also serve a wonderful sangria made with their peach wine by the glass.  The sangria is a great way to entice your non-wine friends to join you at Winery 32.  Although I’m not sure why you have non-wine friends, you really don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

In addition to some fantastic wines, Winery 32 also features an amazing bistro menu.  All dishes are prepared by Michael, a professional chef.  The menu varies but on any given day you’ll find 7 to 9 choices.  Offerings may include; BBQ Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken Salad, Turkey Chili, Pork Carnitas, Veal and Kale meatballs over penne, Ratatouille Crepe with feta cheese, or Curry chickpeas with kale and butternut squash over rice.  Honestly we’ve tried every one of these dishes and they are all delicious.  Favorites for our group are the BBQ pork, Chicken Salad, and Pork Carnitas.  If you happen to be there on the right day Michael might be serving his Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.  If so, head directly for that dish, it is amazing and you will absolutely not regret it.  Trust me, I love me some gumbo.

Naturally Winery 32 has a club, and of course we’re members.  I remember a quiet afternoon a while after they’d opened.  We were over there for a bottle and some lunch 2017-03-25_13-15-37_879and we got to talking with them about what their wine club could look like.  We had a lot of fun giving them tips and opinions on what makes a club great.  Well they nailed it.  In some ways Club 32 is your standard club; agree to purchase 3 bottles per quarter, get a discount on purchases, free tastings for you and guest, etc.  But in other ways it is incredibly unique; pickup parties sometimes feature Paella cooked by Michael, we had one party where they brought in a comedian to do a private show, they’ve done pairings with small plates, one time we got a tour of the winemaking facility in the basement and a barrel tasting, and another time we got to try some of the wines from their original winemaking endeavor in Maryland.  They go above and beyond to make their club members truly feel wanted and special, and they succeed every time.

Another thing Winery 32 excels at is special events.  Over the past several years we’ve attended numerous Comedy Nights and Paint n’ Sip events.  They’ve partnered with some of the best in the business to run these events and they are always a great time.DSC_0036  Chances are good that unless we’re out-of-town you’ll see us at each and every one of their events.  In fact thirteen of the squad got together to enjoy a comedy night just this past Friday.  Nothing better on a Friday evening than sitting on the deck enjoying wayyyyy too many bottles of wine over dinner, laughing and talking then moving inside for a night of side-splitting comedy.

Over the past three years we’ve become friends with Roxanne and Michael and their team.  One of our favorite ways to spend an afternoon is sitting on the deck at Winery 32 2017-05-29_12-37-34_763enjoying a bottle of wine and lunch while looking out over the landscape.  Of course Roxanne and Michael, and many members of their team stop by to chat, or harass us about something or another while we’re there, making it feel like home.

If you haven’t been to Winery 32 go visit soon and tell them the LoCo Wine Squad sent you!  And like our Facebook page and share our blog so that other people can experience the joy you get from tagging along on our adventures in wine!

Drink up,

Winery 32
15066 Limestone School Road, Leesburg, VA

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