Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm

We’re taking a break from wineries today to give my liver a bit of a reprieve, and2017-05-14_10-56-21_527 heading back to the bustling metropolis of Lucketts, Virginia to feature another one of my favorite places; Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm!  I mean, you really should eat before heading out for a long day of winery hopping and socializing with your friends and loved ones, and I can think of no place better than Faith Like a Mustard Seed!

You’ll find Faith Like a Mustard Seed on Lucketts Road, just a short hop off of Route 15 North.  The farm was originally built in the 1840’s and at that time encompassed over 3,500 acres.  Lucketts Road that runs in front of the farm was the original Carolina Road, which was one of the primary inland north-south roads of the pre-civil war period.  The main barn on the property is the original one built in the 1840’s.  While their website claims that no one famous is recorded as ever stopping at the farm, it’s still pretty cool to think about the amount of American history that probably slowly passed by this farm back in the day.  And just because 2017-05-14_13-31-44_049there’s no proof anyone famous stopped doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, so just imagine John Mosby or maybe even General George Mcclellan swinging by for brunch.  When you’re on the beautiful property it’s really not that hard to imagine.

Today, Faith Like a Mustard Seed is owned by Karl and Patricia Glaeser and is run as a working farm, cozy bed & breakfast, spectacular wedding and event venue, and most importantly to me the best damn place to have brunch in Loudoun County.  Probably any county honestly, but I don’t want to go overboard.  They purchased the property on Cinco de Mayo in 2011 and have never looked back.  Patricia and Karl met in New York City where she was working as a head chef at a fancy pants Kosher restaurant.  Not sure what Karl was doing at the time, but knowing him I’m sure he was good at it!  Ask when you visit and let me know.  Patricia told me the story of how they came to the realization that there had to be more to life than the New York hustle and bustle, so they started looking for somewhere that2017-05-14_10-56-16_356 felt more like home and they found in Faith Like a Mustard Seed.  For a while they tried their hand at various farm pursuits and eventually discovered that their niche was putting Patricia’s cooking talents to use and opening a restaurant.  Over the past couple years the brunch business has grown and grown, proving that their hunch was right.

I love food almost as much as I love wine, so let’s talk about brunch.  They are open for brunch Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm.  The menu and all of the recipes were created by Patricia.  All of the dishes are prepared using seasonal ingredients, pasture-raised meats, and GMO free eggs that are sourced either from their farm or local farm partners.  The menu has a few favorites that are always there, but otherwise changes regularly to keep up with what’s available.  On a 18671223_1769329293084028_674575589264325485_ngiven week you’ll find a couple different options for pancakes or crepes with Amish rolled butter and maple syrup or filled or topped with seasonal ingredients like berries, or whatever else Patricia has found.  They’ve got a few delicious breakfast platters featuring eggs, their own sausage, potatoes and toast.  The ‘Lucketts’ biscuits and gravy are absolutely to die for.  Some of our squad are in love with the breakfast tostadas.  They’re ok, but for me my go to is almost always the omelet with pork chorizo, queso fresco, tomatillo and chipotle sauces.  It’s served with hasselback potatoes and toast.  And I’m pretty sure Patricia put something addictive in there because I’m addicted and keep coming back for it.  Honestly though, everything on the menu is amazing.  This is one of the places we always take people from out-of-town to give them a taste of Loudoun, and we have never once had anyone have anything bad to say about a meal here.  How many places can you say that2017-05-14_11-22-22_463 about?

Faith Like a Mustard Seed recently started doing special brunches for holidays.  We weren’t able to go to the Easter brunch, but a group of 9 of us went to the Mother’s Day brunch and it was fantastic!  These special events are served buffet style in the old barn.  Featuring such delicacies as pancakes, made-to-order omelets, sausage, bacon, pasta salad, fresh fruit, granola and yogurt bar, pastries and much more.  These events have proven so popular that they’ll be taking reservations going forward, so check out their Facebook page for info on special brunches as well as updates to their regular menu.

While you’re waiting for your table, you are free to roam about the farm and check things out.  Wander around the centuries old barn and marvel at the fact that it’s stood there for almost 200 years.  They’ve got a good number of chickens that don’t really do much.  I mean chickens aren’t that exciting really.  They’ve got a HUMONGOUS Tom Turkey that holds court in the chicken coop, he’s pretty cool.  Lots of geese wandering2017-05-14_10-57-36_949 around.  Pro tip: don’t bother the geese.  I remember one Saturday morning we were there and some lady, who clearly wasn’t from round here, decided to visit the geese.  She starts walking towards them and I’m thinking ‘don’t do it’ then next thing you know the geese start rushing at her, she screams and runs away with the geese in hot pursuit.  I thought it was pretty funny, actually everyone did.  Well, maybe not the lady.  They’ve also got a pen with goats in the back, this is a relatively new addition.  We were there the weekend after they got the goats and when we went over to the pen they all ran and stood in the opposite corner and just stared at us with lots of side eye.  I asked Patricia what was wrong with the goats and she said she had no idea they’ve been like that with them ever since they got them.  I’m beginning to believe that goats are suspicious of human motives.  Goats are smarter than I thought.  Check out the horses and cows while you wander too.  Just 2017-05-14_10-55-58_777spend some time in nature while you let your cares drift away and prepare yourself for the best breakfast you’ve had in a long while.

If you’re looking for a great getaway to Virginia Wine Country, check into booking yourself a room at the Bed & Breakfast!  $150 a night with a two night minimum and you could be living the farm life, enjoying breakfast and checking out awesome wineries nearby.  They also host weddings, receptions, events and private parties on the property or in either the barn or farm store restaurant.  Can’t think of a much nicer venue for your event, so if you’re looking for someplace check them out.

You’re not going to find a better brunch or nicer owners than you will at Faith Like a Mustard Seed.  Go visit, and tell them the LoCo Wine Squad sent you!

Eat up,



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