Music & Crepes & Wine, oh my!

2017-08-04_17-42-47_641So this past Friday the squad decided to spend the evening at North Gate Vineyard for their first Friday event.  This one featured live music from Jason Masi and fresh crepes from La Petite Lou Lou Creperie + Bar a Vins, plus discounts on wine and of course a guaranteed great time!

We started arriving around 5:30 and got the party going with a couple of bottles of 2015 Chambourcin, a block each of cheddar and rosemary Asiago, and a couple fresh warm baguettes.  We secured a great spot on the patio (veranda for you fancy pants folks) and settled in for a fun night.  Over the next hour or so the rest of the squad arrived and in the end we had a total of ten adults plus a baby and a dog, Holly, one of the squads mascots.  The baby is a junior squad member in training, maybe also a mascot?

We’d never had the opportunity to see Jason Masi perform, but we’d seen his name all over wineries event calendars forever, so this was to be a real treat.  He did not 2017-08-04_17-41-19_882disappoint.  Jason played a wide variety of music from just about whatever genre you can imagine, and he was awesome.  He took requests, invited audience members to sing with him, and was just an overall fun and incredibly talented performer.  We’ll definitely look forward to the next time we can see him perform and recommend you go see him as soon as you can!

On to the crepes!  OH MY GOD is probably the best way to sum it up.  First off, it’s important to note that this is not a ‘food truck’ it is a ‘crepe cart.’  And it’s ridiculously adorable.  We asked what type of crepes they could make and were told ‘whatever you want, we’ve got it.’  As someone who tends to stick to places where you can order by number because I have difficulty deciding this could take a while.  But I remembered seeing on their website that they had a ham and brie crepe, 2017-08-04_17-41-15_580and that sounded delicious, so I asked for that.  Turns out the brie hadn’t arrived yet, it was on the way from France (actually Purcellville, but France sounds fancier) and would be there in a few minutes.  No problem, I’ll wait, I’m not going anywhere!  Others in the group ordered tomato and pesto, roast beef and mozzarella, and a turkey club.  After waiting what seemed like FOREVER (ok 15-20 minutes max), my crepe arrived and it was the stuff that dreams are made of!  It was ginormous, and filled to the brim with the most delicious ham and an amazing brie.  It was truly amazing.  All the crepes were, I know this because I went around and tried them all.  Research for the blog of course.

We enjoyed our evening, the music, chatting with each other and the team at North Gate, gazing out over the vineyard, and of course several more bottles of wine.  I think the only wine we drank that evening was the Chambourcin, because honestly it’s my favorite 2017-08-04_17-41-51_045wine right now and the others seem to agree.  We also shared a couple nutella, strawberry, and banana crepes.  YUM!  The baby took turns visiting people.  Holly took turns licking the baby and visiting everyone around us that she could get to, she’s a social butterfly that one.

North Gate does first Friday from May through September, so the next one is September 1.  And good news…Jason Masi will be performing that night, so here’s your chance!  It’s a great laid back atmosphere and a great way to unwind with loved ones after a long week of work.  Enjoy some cheese, bread, award-winning wines, and fantastic music, what more could you ask for?  Crepes, you could ask for crepes, but I’m not sure they’ll be there on September 1, so don’t get your hopes up.  BUT, you can get the crepes at La Petite Lou Lou Creperie in Purcellville, so don’t despair.

When you visit Northgate, La Petite Lou Lou, or check out one of Jason Masi’s shows, tell them the LoCo Wine Squad sent you and that we say HI!  And remember, sharing is caring, so share our blog and Facebook page so others can have the joy of reading about our adventures too!

Drink up!

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