Tarara Winery Concert

Sooooo….since we were back from our out-of-town adventures we decided to get the 2017-08-05_17-43-10_634squad together and have a fun, relaxing Saturday night!  One of the best places around to do that during the summer is at Tarara Winery for their Summer Concert Series.  They have a great stage set up in front of their beautiful lake, and they bring in regional and sometimes nationally known bands to play every Saturday night from May through September.  Seating is on the gently sloping hill that leads down to the stage and lake.  Of course they sell wine by the bottle and glass, and they have at least one food option, sometimes two.  It’s a beautiful setting to spend a nice Saturday evening.

The band that was playing the night we went was The Reflex, an 80’s cover band based here in good old Virginia!  This band is the real deal when it comes to 80’s music.  Playing2017-08-05_19-12-03_490 everything and anything you can think of they run through the 80’s like a freight train.  I don’t think they missed a hit.  I’m fully aware there are a lot of differing opinions about the quality of the music of the 80’s, but I think we can all agree it was fun and catchy.  And I’ve got to be honest and say The Reflex played the hell out of these songs!  They also clearly have a lot of regular followers, I haven’t seen that much hairspray and neon lycra since well, the 80’s.  We really need to regulate lycra people, just stop already.

To make the 80’s music all the more enjoyable, we naturally drank our way through numerous bottles of wine.  That nights choices were a Tempranillo, a nice medium bodied red, and an Albarino, a slightly 2017-08-05_17-40-09_619sweet enjoyable white.  We paired our wine with BBQ from Jules BBQ.  I was super excited to see Jules there that night!!!  He used to run the BBQ stand at Brossmans Farm Stand on Route 15 but a couple of years ago he left to open a restaurant in Front Royal.  We loved going there for his BBQ and Jerk Chicken.  I was sad that he didn’t have the Jerk Chicken at the concert, so I settled for some delicious BBQ chicken and his amazingly good red beans and rice.  This guy can cook, take my word for it!

After acquiring our wine and food we settled in to our camp chairs to enjoy the night.  The weather could not have been better for a Saturday in August.  What’s up with the2017-08-05_20-29-00_754 weather this month?  It was about 78 degrees with a light breeze, perfect for sitting outside and enjoying some music and the company of good friends.  One of the members of the squad was certain he wouldn’t know any of the music, turns out he was wrong.  He knew every single song.  The 80’s were like that weren’t they?  You had put it out of your mind but it comes roaring back.  Not sure if that’s good or bad, but we had fun.  We sang along to way more songs that we probably should have, and also than our neighbors would have liked.  But that’s ok, they got two shows for the price of one.

Another great night at the Tarara Concert.  If you haven’t been I highly recommend you 2017-08-05_17-38-51_328do it soon!  Gather up your camp chairs, some snacks, and a great group of friends and head on over for a wonderful time and some really good music.  Check out their website to see who’s playing and buy tickets.

Drink up!

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