Winery 32 Pickup Day!

We’ve been members of Club 32 since basically before there WAS a Club 32.  I remember sitting in the tasting room on a cold Sunday afternoon and talking with Roxanne

One of the prettiest spots around!

and Marlene about the club they were working on setting up.  The goal was to create a club that really felt special to the members, and that people would want to be part of, with events that made members want to come.  And I have to say that by all accounts they’ve succeeded as far as I’m concerned.

This past Sunday was the quarterly pickup party and as usual, we were excited to attend.  Roxanne and Michael always plan something different for each pickup.  In the past we’ve had private comedy shows, Michael’s delicious paella, tastings in the wine making room, trivia parties, and more.  This months pickup was no exception and we were treated to freshly carved Serrano ham, brie, and crackers to go with our tasting of 6 brand new unreleased wines.

Yummy spread for pickup!

And I really mean brand new, only one of these wines will even be available to try or purchase this summer, the other five have at least another year, maybe two, or in one case even three years until they will be released.  Even more exciting for me was the fact that 5 of the wines were reds!  YES!

We started off with a 2016 Rose of Chambourcin, which is a blend of 95% Chambourcin and 5% Vidal Blanc.  This was a delightful wine, clean and crisp, would be excellent on a nice summers day, perhaps on the deck at the winery.  I’m not a huge fan of Rose but I’d drink this and can see it aging nicely by the time it’s released this summer.

Next up were two Cab Francs, first the 2017 and then the 2016.  The 2017 is a nice wine

Blue tape labels are the best labels!

and I think it’ll age really well.  Roxanne felt it was a little flabby right now and I’d agree, some others in the room disagreed and thought it was ready for prime time.  Either way this is going to be a fantastic nice lighter Cab Franc by the time it’s released, likely in 2 years.  The 2016 was simply amazing.  It’s being bottled this spring then will spend another year in bottles before release.  A great wine now, I can’t wait to get my hands on this when it’s time.  Two really excellent Cab Francs coming, very exciting!

Keeping with the mini vertical theme, we next tried two Petit Verdot’s, again a 2017 and then a 2016.  The 2017 was rich and very robust, this is a BIG wine.  It’s already delicious I can’t even begin to imagine how good it’ll be in a couple of years when it’s ready.  This is going to be a wine that just keeps getting better the longer it ages.  The 2016 was also great with a beautiful garnet color and a fantastic nose.  A wonderful rich taste and a nice clean finish.  Hate to sound like a broken record, but can’t wait to get this one either.

Roxanne educating her fans!

Lastly up was the 2016 Thoroughbred Blend.  Their Thoroughbred has long been one of my favorite go to wines, and this one will be no exception.  That said, this blend is different from previous thoroughbreds in that it is a true Bordeaux blend consisting of 37.5% Petit Verdot, 25% Cab Sauv, 25% Cab Franc, and 12.5% Merlot.  The result is yet another fantastic big bold wine that is much heavier than previous blends.  I like that they use this label to experiment with different styles and blends because it’s wines like these that really show the talent and art of the winemaker.  But alas, it’s also not available yet and we’ll all have to wait.  It’ll be worth it though, trust me.

Overall a fantastic tasting and pickup experience yet again.  As a lover of red wine I can say that what Winery 32 has coming up over the horizon will be some of their best yet.  I’m not happy about having to wait, but I guess I’ll have to console myself by drinking what they do have available now.  If we all work together to drink what they have fast enough they’ll have no choice but to release the new stuff right?  Great, it’s a plan!

Since Roxanne was done teasing us with wines we can’t have, we figured it best to move

Last of the 2012!

on to some wine we could have and get some of Michael’s delicious food to go along with it.  We ended up with a few of our favorites; a bottle of Chambourcin (we got one of the last bottles of 2012), pulled pork BBQ, and a quesadilla.  The wine was divine and the food was scrumptious as always.  Michael sure can cook!

All good things come to an end, and I had promised to take someone to the airport, so we cleaned up our mess, said our goodbyes and made our way out.  If you haven’t yet visited Winery 32 you should plan to do so soon.  Every time I visit I’m reminded why this is still one of my favorite places to go.  Excellent wines, great people, and delicious food.

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Drink up!

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