A Winery 32 Weekend

It’s been a while since I had the time to sit down and write about our adventures.  Actually I realized it’s been five months since my last blog.  And what a crazy five months it has been!  They’ve been busy but also fun and filled with family and friends.  I guess its true that time flies when you’re having fun!  Anyway….over the long weekend we had the opportunity to visit Winery 32 in Lucketts not once but twice!  Most of you already know that Winery 32 is one of our favorite spots.  Not only do they have awesome wine, but they have delicious food, great events, and an amazing team that makes you feel at home.


Our first visit of the weekend was Saturday evening for one of their spectacular and hilarious comedy shows.  They have partnered with Cool Cow Comedy out of DC to put on the shows and they are always a great time.  I had to work that day so I met up with the ‘gang’ at around 5:30, a good 2 and a half hours before the show started so that we could settle in and enjoy some wine and great food before things got going.  We started off with a bottle of Chambourcin, a bottle of Petit Verdot Reserve, and a 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon.  Don’t worry there were 9 of us.  Well technically 7 of us since the other two got sangria, one a blackberry and the other peach.  All the wines were great of course.  I have always been a fan of Chambourcin and I think I always will be.  But I have to say I think the Petit Verdot Reserve and the Cab Sauv have both aged beautifully.  I actually ended up drinking those two most of the evening.

After hanging out for a while we decided to order dinner.  I went with the curry chickpeas over jasmine rice.  Delicious!  Others ordered the pulled pork sandwich, spinach ravioli, turkey chili, and the stuffed cabbage.  All were great as always.  One of our group was feeling really wild and crazy and went for a new item on the menu, the penne in pistachio cream sauce.  Actually several of us wanted to try it so we ordered a second one.  Good thing we did because it was delicious and didn’t last long.  The food at 764d282535be8d17423c04f51be4066eWinery 32 is always good, Michael is a great chef.  I think having actual food that is not only delicious but fresh is one of the things that sets them apart from other wineries.

It was getting on time for comedy to start so we went and got another couple bottles to get us through. The emcee, Rahmein Mostafavi, went on at 8 to get things started. We’ve seen him way too many times to count, but he’s always absolutely hilarious and this night was no exception. He had a lot of new material and had the entire place laughing in seconds. That guy can work a crowd as well as anyone I’ve ever seen. The second comedian was a new guy, all I caught of his name was Dr. Gill.  He was funny and did some impressions and helped warm the crowd up for the headliner, Jason Weems.  Jason is one of our favorites, we’ve seen him several times.  We were really excited when we got there and found out Jason was there, we had no idea who the comedians were when we got the tickets.Jason is ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL. I laughed for basically the entire 45 minute set he did. It appears that he is just making his show up as he goes along, playing off the audience and having a great time himself.  It was an awesome show and just what I needed after a long week.

Fast forward to Presidents Day and we were back to check out the barrel tasting that they were offering.  We met up with Roxanne when we got there at about 2:30 and she took us downstairs to check out some new 2017 red wines they are working on.  First up was Cabernet Franc.  This one is 80% cab franc, 15% merlot, and 5% petit verdot, aged in semi-neutral oak.  It has a really pleasant nose and a clean finish with just enough spiciness, while not being overly peppery.  Overall a really nice wine that I think will age beautifully.  Next we tried the Petit Verdot.  It’s 100% petit verdot aged in both neutral and semi-neutral barrels before blending.  This one has a really interesting and pleasant floral nose, a nice medium bodied mouth feel, and is just going to be a great porch or all purpose wine.  Last up was the Petit Verdot Reserve.  Made up of 75% petit verdot img_2485reserve, 12.5% petit verdot, and 12.5% cabernet franc.  What makes this particular petit verdot ‘reserve’ is that it consists of first run juice, which is juice that forms naturally from the weight of the grapes and is separated out before they are pressed.   First run juice is typically smoother and has less acidity and ph, and more tannins, which can make for a smoother, bolder wine that is suitable for aging.  It definitely worked for this wine!  It was a spectacular purple color, bold and beautiful with an amazing finish.  This is going to be one hell of a steak wine.  Winery 32 continues to impress with the quality of their reds, it seems like every year gets better and 2017 will be no exception.

After the tasting we came back upstairs to find two of our friends had appeared out of nowhere.  So of course our plans to do the tasting, have a glass and then head home went out the window and we joined Carly and Jim at their table for what turned out to be the rest of the afternoon.  It didn’t take long for Roxanne and Michael, the owners of Winery 32 to pull up a chair and join us and we had a relaxing afternoon just chatting and enjoying each others company.

If you haven’t made it out to Winery 32 what are you waiting for?  Grab some friends and head on out there.  Do a tasting, grab a bottle and order some lunch.  Then just sit and savor the time you have together.  That’s what it’s really all about isn’t it?

Drink up!

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